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The Essential Rudiments of Drumming


   There are many rudimental snare drum books and methods currently available that are all based on various rudimental concepts that originated as far back as the 1890's and as recently as the late 1930's. All of these methods were created by drummers and teachers who were involved with rudimental drumming as it was applied to Military Marching Bands and Drum Corps. In fact these concepts from nearly a century ago have recently been demonstrated on video and now are advertised as modern secrets.
   In contrast, Murray Spivak and Richard Wilson's rudimental methods grew out of their professional experience playing Modern Orchestral Snare Drum, Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, Funk and Afro-Cuban Drumming, and that made their approach to playing and teaching the rudiments, quite different from what the other methods teach.
    Murray Spivak and Richard Wilson never made any claims that what they were teaching was a secret. They always mentioned that what they were teaching was all quite normal and natural, and that it was based upon efficient use of human anatomy and the scientific principles of Archimedes, Galileo and Newton and how those principles apply to playing a drum with a stick.
    Archimedes is responsible for the principles of fulcrums, balances and levers, Galileo for gravity and Newton for our understanding of the laws of motion. Murray Spivak and Richard Wilson's methods take into account how all these principles work, and how they relate to the motion of your body, and the motion of the stick as you are playing a snare drum or the entire drumset.
    Murray Spivak and Richard Wilson taught that good technique would naturally have to follow the laws of anatomy, gravity and motion, and doing so would give one the ability to play effortlessly and without tension, at any speed or dynamic level.
    Learning the Rudiments in the Natural Order of Succession will allow your hands to develop in a natural way so that playing the Rudiments is effortless. Trying to play the Rudiments without this knowledge is like trying to run and jump hurdles before you have learned to walk.
    While this book starts with the most basic ideas used in drumming, this book is not a beginner's method book. There is no instruction on how to read music or any simple pieces of music for a beginner to play. A beginner should go through this book with a qualified teacher who knows this method. When Murray Spivak and Richard Wilson taught the Rudiments and technical concepts explained in this book they supplemented them with music for the snare drum or the drumset that used the Rudiments and motions that the student was learning. In that way the Rudiments and motions were put into a musical context and the student learned to hear and execute them in a musical manner, rather than only practicing Rudiments as isolated technical exercises.

On sale NOW in the iTunes Bookstore

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