Playing with the Odds Cover

   This book will soon be available for Apple and Android Readers, Tablets and Phones.


   The musical ideas explored in this book are not currently used in Pop and Rock music. It's not that they can't be used in any kind of music. It's just that a two or three minute pop song doesn't have the space to permit several tempo changes, or at least that is the way pop music is conceived of at this point in time.
   Western musical culture has not explored the realms of Tuplets, Polyrhythm and Metric Modulation as deeply as the world of Even Rhythm and 4/4 Time. These musical concepts are currently used by drummers in drum solos and in bands that improvise long form songs, such as some jam bands and modern jazz groups. This book tries to address that unexplored realm of rhythms and time by explaining the math in simple terms, and giving the student a means to sing and count these rhythmic relationships so they can learn to hear these musical events and incorporate them into their musical self expression.